Willing to Forgive?

Am I willing to forgive? This may be the biggest question to face when trying to move past our blocks and into a new level of freedom. Any anger, blame or resentment that we carry keeps us locked into the dark energy of the past. How can we move freely into the future or live in the present moment when we are still dragging stuff around from our past?

You can’t change the past nor can you change the other person. However, you can change the hold it has on you. Sit quietly and pause your mind. (You may have to first feel and relive the pain.) Then look at how much pain the past has caused you and how much it is blocking your progress. Mindfully say to yourself, “I forgive everyone and everything. I am free. I am at peace.” This affirmation sends a powerful vibration out into the universe. It will free you to leave the past behind and joyfully and freely live in the present moment. Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Forgiveness Always! – John Shearer

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