Mindful Actions

What is Reality?

What do we really know about our origin on this planet? Can we trust the history that we were taught in school? Can we take the words of ancient texts as the whole truth? How do we account for so many incredible ancient structures throughout the world? They seem to be so similar, have amazing astronomical precision, and yet were supposedly made by primitive people without access to modern tools!
When we begin to remove the blinkers of what we have been taught as fact… when we begin to explore the ancient myths as if they may be actual history… and when we closely examine the archeological evidence… then many things become possible! Is it possible that we came from or were visited by some sort of beings with advanced technologies? What is our true purpose here as a species?
When our minds are open, the universe brings answers in ways that can completely shift our perspective of reality. How do we become open to truth? Close your eyes, pause your thoughts and heart-test for truth by placing your hand or fist on your heart. FEEL your question… you will have a kind of knowing. Any doubt… leave it out! Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Practice Always! – John Shearer
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