The Mindful Way

Trusting Our Intuition

How much do you trust your intuition and your connection to Source Energy? Do you get gut feelings or spiritual prompts of what you should do? If so, do you consistently act on them or does your logical mind say it’s crazy, not practical or doesn’t make sense? I have learnt that following my spiritual prompts is not about me, it’s about others!

Is your connection so clear that you hear or feel your spiritual prompts? Do you automatically act on this guidance as the driving force in your life? If you are one that acts consistently on this inner compass, what has the result been? Do you find that when you trust Source completely, and follow without question, that things seem to always turn out for good? There is always a reason for following our spiritual prompts.

Until now it may have been difficult for most people to truly trust their connection to inner guidance and divine wisdom. However, in today’s world it is becoming easier and easier to connect. The more time we spend in silence, actively listening for guidance, the easier it is to trust and act on what we perceive. There definitely is higher guidance available to help us all live a more fulfilling life. It is time to trust our instincts and begin to truly follow our hearts wherever it may guide us. Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Practice Always! – John Shearer
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