Life Choices

True Potential

What is holding you back from achieving your true potential? Do you have physical limitations that seem to restrict your energy, focus or stamina? If so, how could your living experience be a gift you could share with others? The same is true with your emotional or psychological battles. Instead of looking at aspects of your life as limitations, can you see them as lived experience that give you something very valuable to share with the world?
How you share these experiences may vary also. For some, writing is their ideal medium while others share through art of some type. Others are expert teachers or inspiring coaches. Whatever your gift is, now is a great time to begin to share it with a wider audience. Humanity needs your perspective and your voice of wisdom. Playing small and being fearful of putting yourself out there doesn’t serve you or the greater good of humanity. Why not see your limitations as strengths and be open hearted enough to share yourself with others? Making yourself vulnerable isn’t something to fear, it sets you free and becomes your superpower! We can all contribute to the consciousness of our planet in this age of awakening! Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Practice Always! ~ John Shearer

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