Life Choices


What do you do to keep your spiritual energy strong? Have you developed a true mindful practice? Do you consistently fill your life with positive thoughts and new stimulation? Do you listen to experts and attend workshops? Do you focus on internal silence and listening to your inner guides?
No matter what you do in your quiet time, it is still very important to have the stimulation of human interaction. We may prefer to only associate with like-minded, spiritually oriented people. However, the greatest teachers are often those who get under our skin. You know the ones! Those irritating people may be the best way to make us aware of our repressed feelings of resentment, guilt or anger. Awareness is the key to recognising the gift and being able to respond rather than react to those who get in our face.

Another person that is very beneficial to have in your life is a mentor or coach who can guide, inspire and give proper perspective. Someone to challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone, and explore the scary yet infinitely rewarding adventure, that awaits when you step out in faith. Growth takes many forms and can be stimulated in many ways. When you seek out every opportunity, life becomes an amazing journey that is stimulating for you and benefits the whole of humanity. Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Stimulation Always! – John Shearer
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