Shift in Consciousness

How do you unify different views of the world? When you recognise that a shift in consciousness is happening on the planet, how do you interact with those who have no clue what is happening? Do you try to share your knowledge with them? Should you give them information and try to convince them you’re right? Save your breath! You can’t convince people of anything they choose not to believe. Nor can you help anyone unless they ask for help!

The key is to be authentic with everyone you meet and simply share love with them. Listening and empathy are the greatest leadership skills! Be the most amazing bearer of light and be willing to share your wisdom when you have a spiritual prompt to do so. But never in a forceful or judgmental way. Be an example of how awakened, loving human beings conduct themselves. Pause your mind and go within for the wisdom that will help them move beyond the collective fear into a space of understanding and joy. Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Practice Always! ~ John Shearer

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