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Quiet Time

How important is it to make daily quiet time for yourself? This can take the form of prayer, meditation, creative thinking or relaxation. It could be walking the dog or contemplation of nature and the world around you. In our fast-paced media driven culture, it is easy to rush through the day according to our to-do list. The time you spend in introspection should be the most important and even the most productive time of your day. Make it part of your schedule!
How much time do you devote to your own well-being, both physically and spiritually? Unlike the average person in our society, many of us place more importance on our spiritual growth than our physical health. Hopefully, your need is to ensure your physical wellbeing because a healthy body is needed to share your gifts with the world! In whatever way you choose, why not create time to express love for yourself in the most gentle and generous way. Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Practice Always! ~ John Shearer

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