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Author’s new book praises benefits of ‘Mindful Actions’

John Shearer shares life story, power of mindfulness with readers to help prevent mental illnesses

GRAFTON, Australia – In 1982, author John Shearer was in a brutal truck accident and pronounced dead. Shortly after, however, he was revived but not without issue – he now had a severe mental disorder. Shearer was convinced he was brought back for a reason –he just had to find it. He finally began to find what he was looking for in 1997, when he left depression and his disorder behind.

Shearer now aims to help readers find peace of their own through his new book, “Mindful Actions” (published by Balboa Press AU), which discusses the practice of mindfulness.

“I am passionate about helping people go from meds to mindfulness,” Shearer says on the topic of his book. “The western world needs far less medication and heaps more mentors.”

Throughout “Mindful Actions,” Shearer discusses the ways in which mindfulness can better the lives of all readers, especially those suffering from depression. He also discusses his own journey to mindfulness, in hopes that it will help readers realize its healing abilities.

“My book is a transformational journey of self-discovery, especially for people with depression, stress or anxiety,” Shearer says. “It is about learning, exploring and practicing the many aspects of being mindful without meditation.”

Shearer invites you to visit his website to order a signed copy of Mindful Actions.

“Mindful Actions” by John Shearer

Softcover | 5 x 8 in | 110 pages | ISBN 9781452525631

About the Author

John Shearer was in a truck accident in 1982 at which point he was pronounced dead. He was revived shortly after but with a severe mental disorder. Through mindfulness he managed to beat his disorders and now aims to help others do the same through his first book, “Mindful Actions.”

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I was also in a acc trying to use mindfullness to help me with the issues I have … Thank u ….

Thank you Andrena! Love & Gratitude Always – John

I have my book and I love it. It is practical and not all about the author’s story. I can work my way through it applying my own story.
Becoming more mindful and finding more peace within.

Thank you Maursa. Love & Gratitude Always! – John

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