Power of Love

Let’s not underestimate the power we have to make a difference in this crazy world or in someone’s life on a moment to moment basis. What does a smile cost? A warm greeting or kind hearted gesture. A sincere complement or thoughtful word. A sympathetic ear or gentle touch. These are all natural expressions and extensions of the love that is our true nature and essence. We are All One, One with Spirit, One with Life! The more we express and extend our loving nature and essence, the more we get to experience it. By doing so, we are actively transforming the world we live in. Let’s not undervalue the ability that we have, to transform this crazy world a moment at a time, and work towards a more gentle and empathic way of living. Within the present moment, thanks to our spiritual connection, we can shift someone’s perception of themselves, and thus turn their day or life around! Our Source Energy creates through Love, and that is what we are here to do… to help create a more loving world. We create this more loving world through the interactions we have with each other. Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!
Mindful Love & Light Always! – John Shearer

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