Life Choices


How do we truly change the world? Do we really have the power to help make a shift in the history of our planet? The beauty of life is that we have a choice in each moment, as to who we are and what our world looks like. No matter what corporate media says or what appears to be happening in the big picture of our tiny planet. We can choose to have an even bigger picture of ourselves, our planet and the entire universe. When we look from this perspective, we can live in a way that isn’t really affected by the news-making headlines of the day. When we see from the timeless perspective of eternity and the unlimited perspective of space, we can see how tiny and fleeting these happenings on Earth truly are. It enables us to savour each moment and be present with it, without being sucked into the drama of events being reported.
How do we balance these two perspectives? When we have a universal perspective, we can see everything as part of the grand plan, that we co-create under the direction of the creative forces of our Source Energy. When we trust in the benevolence of the universe, then our daily life becomes one of adventure and constant surprises, we are able to see the beauty in everyone and the positive value in every experience. When we are living in love and are aware of our higher purpose, we automatically become a role model to show others that it is possible to experience tremendous challenges without fear. We change the world by constantly choosing love over fear. In this way we change our world in every moment, and soon the entire world will reflect our shift in consciousness. Be Mindful… Pause… Connect! Mindful Love & Practice Always!

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