Mindful Actions

Perfect Christmas Gift

Mindful Xmas

Have you got friends who are stressed, anxious or depressed? Maybe you have friends who need a boost in confidence or motivation? Please consider giving them a copy of my book Mindful Actions for Christmas. I am happy to sign and deliver in my hometown or mail worldwide. (click here for details)

My book is designed to be a journey to enlightenment and peace of mind. Here is some feedback that I have received so far:

Nicole ~ Thank you John for your inspiring words. I have enjoyed this amazing journey of mindfulness. We are all slowly but surely waking up! Thank you.

Dael ~ Thankyou for your awesome book. Now it’s practice and more practice. Namaste.

Trudy ~ Thank you for your insights that have helped me create a great attitude.

Sonia ~ Reading mindful actions created a major opportunity to improve myself! Thank you so much dear John! Bless you!

Amy ~ Thanks so much – what an awesome book – I wish more people would read it!

Linda ~ I am so beyond blessed and grateful for you John. I’ve walked through darkness and you have helped me to see the brightness of my life. I appreciate your truth, wisdom and knowledge. Thank you!

Michelle ~  I don’t think I have words powerful enough to speak my gratitude for how much you have deepened my understanding.

Nalin ~ It’s wonderful John, really amazing. I love it more and keep practicing. Thanks!

Bee ~ Thank you with love and gratitude. I must say it opens one’s mind and heart. Namaste.

Lily ~ So grateful to have your assistance to bring me into the light. I will try to remember and practice the mindful actions.

Bobby ~ Thank you John you have helped me more than I can express. I needed this in my life, today I am mindful not only of others but of myself.

Anja ~ You have made a difference in my life for sure. Bless you.

Horto ~ Thank you John for your inspiring messages and good thought.

Johanna ~ Thank you so much for the wisdom and love you have shared! I am so grateful!

Sonia ~ Thank You Mindfulness Coach for these 30 inspiring chapters! With love & gratitude… be mindful!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and express my love, gratitude and very best wishes for 2015. It’s going to be a cracker!!

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