Open Mind Required

Minds are like parachutes… they work best when open! So what does it mean to have an open mind? Is it possible to have a truly blank mind like that of a young child, to whom everything is new and exciting and sometimes overwhelming? What would the world look like if we were to achieve this state of being? Would life seem exciting, stimulating and always with something new to learn and experience? What would it take to return to that state of having a truly open mind?
It would first require examining our limiting beliefs and be willing to let them go. Judgments would have to go as well. How can we have a completely open mind when we are labelling and judging things as good or bad based on our past experience? Next it would require deep listening (mindfulness) and willingness to take in information, knowledge, and wisdom from any source, not just ones we deem as acceptable.
Would this totally throw you off? Most likely! It would wipe out the foundation of life and discernment that most of us have built up over a lifetime. However, what would the benefits be? Is it possible that this is what we need to change… now that the world is awakening? Would a truly open mind be required to be part of these exciting times? Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Light Always! – John Shearer
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