Moving Forward

How do you move forward with your life? Do you count on source energy to provide the life of your dreams? Trusting in the love and generosity of our creative source is not enough. We must be willing to discover and face our deepest fears and blocks that are holding us back. We all carry stories and issues from our past that we use as excuses as to why we feel and act the way we do. Once we commit to accepting these issues mindfully and taking action to courageously walk past those fears, to do the things we have avoided for so long, then transformation becomes real. Taking on challenges and stepping into the scary aspects of life is the quickest way to gain the self-confidence needed to grow. It may require some help from someone you trust to consistently encourage you to keep stepping out of your comfort zone, but that is where the transformational magic takes place. Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Light Always! – John

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