Mirror Work

How do you express love for yourself? Can you look into the mirror and truly express complete love for all aspects of yourself? Do you see your true spiritual nature when you look into your own eyes? Or are you too focused on your perceived physical imperfections to appreciate your own beautiful essence?
Do you treat your body with respect and keep it in good order with quality food, drink and activity or do you abuse it by over-eating, overworking it or by excessive exercise? Do you take the time to honour yourself and express gratitude for all your wonderful qualities and gifts? Perhaps you are too focused on the aspects you feel need to be fixed or changed? It is time to be kind to yourself, to express love for all aspects of yourself in as many ways as you can. Why not make today a day where you focus on loving yourself? Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!
PS: I highly recommend the book… Mirror Work by Louise Hay.

Mindful Love & Practice Always! – John Shearer
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I love these so much John. I am still glowing and growing each day. These beautiful blogs reinforce and validate everything mindful and keep me building mastery. All my love and light to you and maureen!! Spiritual healers entwined to perfection!

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