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Mentoring Rewards

How important is it to have or be a mentor? Can you think of someone who helped you grow and achieve the success you have? Was it a teacher, a boss, a coach, a relative or perhaps just a good-hearted person who inspired you? Chances are that it was one of the greatest gifts you have ever received. I know it was for me! To share one’s wisdom and knowledge to help another person is one of the greatest gifts we can give.
Are you currently mentoring someone? How are you sharing your gifts and your wisdom in a way that will become your legacy? If you aren’t doing so presently, perhaps it is something you would like to pursue. It could be someone that you seek out (like me) or that the universe provides in response to your intention. Look at how desperate the younger generations are to have someone to look up to, and show them how to see themselves and the world in a more positive light. Why not share your love with someone and help him or her create a greater impact in the world? The rewards are so worth it! Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!
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Mindful Love & Mentoring Always! – John Shearer
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