Life Choices

Making Choices

How do we make choices? Are major decisions in life planned out logically with lists of pros and cons, the cost and possible outcomes? Or do we take the opposite approach and simply go with the flow, trusting the universe to bring us opportunities and experiences that will shape and guide our life? Perhaps both approaches are valid and which one we use may depend on the nature of the choice.
What has served many people well is to listen to their body and what it tells them about a particular choice. Others simply follow their gut as to what feels right. What would happen if you used mindfulness and simply meditated? Trusting Source to guide you to the right decision? Opening your mind to new ideas by questioning old belief patterns can potentially reveal a new choice. The mindful practice of pausing your thoughts and connecting with Source can result in choices more wonderful than you could ever have imagined. Allowing the universe to guide you can result in miraculous choices that open up a whole new world of possibilities. Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!
Mindful Love & Practice Always! ~ John Shearer

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