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Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet

 Never Give Up!

This article is used with the permission of Jim Koehneke, MA, Career & Life Coach. Additional articles and Jim’s contact information can be obtained through his website,, or by email

The key to living a happy, healthy, creative and successful new year is to focus on what you want, and how to go about living day to day to bring that into reality. While it is easy to be thrown off track – (that’s what our minds and habits are good at doing) – the key is to notice what’s happening and quickly take action on getting back to playing your game, not someone else’s. Here are my top ten strategies for starting the year off in a way I want – the “how” to go about the “doing.” Keeping it handy (near my computer or posted on the fridge) makes it easier for me to see, notice, and take back authority over my life when I get thrown off track. Hope it might work for you as well.

1. Become a Kid Again

Get curious again. Live with a renewed sense of wonder. See through fresh eyes and a child’s heart. Be wildly fascinated, absurdly dazzled and delighted, and enraptured by exploration.

2. Love to learn and grow

Arouse your awareness. Learn from what worked, what didn’t. Become smitten by your smarts, and tantalize your thoughts. Seduce your senses, intoxicate your imagination. Be bold in your brilliance!

3. Know what life is calling you to do

Get quiet. Connect to your soul. Listen for the call. Write down your Purpose. See how it will benefit others.

4. Know what you want

Get specific, get committed. Know it in your heart. Feel it in your gut.

5. Make a plan

Be intentional. Write it down. Identify your end result. Break it into little steps.

6. Focus on what brings results, not what doesn’t

If you know clearly what you want and aren’t producing that result, ask yourself “why it isn’t showing up?” The answer, your “because statement” – is often the underlying belief you are using to unintentionally sabotage yourself. Ask, “Is this belief true?” (Often it is not, based on real evidence.) Replace the old belief with a new, possibly opposite paradigm, and act as if the new empowering way of being is absolutely true! (Then keep repeating it for 7 days.)

7. If you really want it, then work it full out

Get started, now. Give yourself a deadline. Celebrate each small win. Transcend limits. Defy the odds. Work hard. Persist.

8. Build you confidence

Make every action your best. Make every action count. Recall each small win. Celebrate your greatness. Write down positive feedback.

9. Grow your motivation

Be playful. Have fun. Sing, dance. Inspire others. Serve. Make a difference.

10.  Honor Yourself

Claim your Basic Goodness. Identify your Self as Love manifested, Love in action, Love expressing.

Thanks to Jim Koehneke for this article. Love & Laughter Always! – John

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