How ya’ goin mate?

‘How ya’ goin mate?’ ‘Good, and you?’ ‘Not too bad’ This is a typical Australian verbal exchange when meeting and greeting. I am continually amazed how so many people are positive on the outside but actually suffering on the inside. Fear is what stops people from sharing their true feelings. Fear about what people might think, fear of being judged, fear of appearing weak, fear of being different or fear of just about anything you can think of. Fear is what keeps people ‘stuck.’ Are you ‘stuck?’

Dale Carnegie said “Fear doesn’t exist anywhere… except in the mind.” A Mindfulness practise releases those fears because you learn to accept your thoughts for what they really are… just thoughts. You learn to simply let them go… like cars passing your house. The end result is more meaningful relationships with your loved ones, your friends and work mates. When someone says ‘How ya’ goin mate’, you’ll be ‘fair dinkum’ when you say ‘Good, and you?’

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