Greatest Fear

What creates the greatest fear in people? Would you believe that it’s speaking in public! For most people, it’s a greater fear than death! Why are people so afraid to speak and share their mind in public? Are they afraid that people won’t agree with them, disregard their words, judge them or won’t get the respect they deserve? Is it more a fear of not finding the words? Do you have this fear?

Think about everyone who has had an influence in the world. They always have the ability to convey their thoughts and beliefs into words, in a way that inspires others to take action. Isn’t that what our purpose is? To assist others in their process of awakening? You don’t need to be a Jesus or a Buddha to share your heart. There are people who are thirsting for your wisdom. It’s time to step up and believe in your own strength and ability to inspire others. It’s time to speak out and share your truth with as many people as possible. Serving others begins by sharing your own truths and speaking in a loving and empowering manner. Create your ripple and inspire others to create theirs! Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Light Always! – John Shearer MM

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