Gaining Wisdom

How do we gain wisdom? Is wisdom learnt by reading books, attending workshops, listening to teachers or following a religious practice? Is the best way through contemplation in solitude or rigorous meditation? Is writing or journaling our thoughts and experiences a way to gain insight and wisdom? All of these might be valid paths for increasing our potential for wisdom. However, true wisdom is gained from our lived experience and only revealed in the living of our lives.

Unless you are a guru living in a cave where people come to you for advice, your wisdom will have no impact unless you live in a way where your wisdom can be shared for the benefit of others. True wisdom means that you are mindfully aware in every moment and trusting in intuition. One who is truly wise will be wise in the middle of a crowd as well as in quiet meditation. Perhaps the greatest wisdom is gained by fully immersing yourself in the variety of experiences life offers while being aware of your choices and the outcomes that those choices produce. The more you experience and the more you share mindful awareness with others the wiser you will become. You don’t want to spend your whole life chasing knowledge and at the end find that you have never experienced life. Awakening is not about knowledge… it’s about practice! Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!
Mindful Love & Practice Always! ~ John Shearer
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