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Embracing Change

How much change are you looking forward to this year? Are you keen to change certain aspects of your life? Are you concerned about changes happening in the world? Do you feel overwhelmed with the pace of technology and finding it hard to keep up? It’s natural to have concerns and even fears about the pace of change. Corporate media would have us believe that the world is becoming a fearful, violent and polarised place.

However, if you look below the surface, you can see incredibly positive changes. People are starting to come together like never before. The greed and deception of corporations and world leaders is becoming so blatant. The good news? Conscious businesses are flourishing and are rewriting the nature of business. People are waking up and are living in a spirit of oneness and harmony. The faster these changes take place the better. Why not make 2023 the year that you embrace change completely? Let’s accept even the dark and scary stuff as necessary steps on the path to creating a more loving and cooperative world! We are All One, One with Spirit, One with Life! Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Light Always! – John Shearer
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One reply on “Embracing Change”

Yes, even in the midst of disaster, there are always those brave unsung heroes who risk their own lives to save others. They do not do it for fame and glory or for personal advancement or profit, they do it simply out of love for their fellow human beings.
I will not, for one moment, let anything destroy my belief that the world is inherently good and that good triumphs over evil, light over darkness and joy over sorrow every time.
We must focus on the beauty even while knowing the ugliness exists, and have the courage to go on believing in the power of love though it may be shaken by events that have no control over us unless we let it.
I do admit I have to limit my news watching habit and go out into nature, or listen to upbeat music or read from my mindfulness manual instead of obsessing over negative events I am powerless over.
I choose to be positive and the more positive I am, the more I have to be positive about. I am in love with life again!

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