How much do you rely on your inner guide to maintain your awakened state? How much do you rely on outside influences, such as teachers, gurus, energy workers, books or videos, to inspire and assist you? Is there an optimal balance for our unique journeys? Most of us would still be struggling if we only focused on the ‘go inside path’. The availability of amazing teachers, healers and tools definitely provides knowledge and inspiration. The question is, do you tend to rely on these tools only?

Ultimately, it is our relationship with Source that keeps us awakened. Going deep to face our greatest fears and blocks is essential to completely free ourselves from past conditioning. Our connection to Source enables us to hold the light, and not allow our energy to be blocked. We may need the individualized help of a coach, guide or teacher to support us in facing these fears, but ultimately it is our mindful practice that keeps us on track.

Perhaps it is a good time to self evaluate. Are you still resistant to facing your blocks? Do you rely on outside stimulation to make you feel good as a way to avoid going deep? Only you can determine the answer and resolve to do whatever it takes to clear yourself, so you can bring forth the totality of your love to share with the world. Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Light Always! – John Shearer MM

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