Challenge of Change

Heaps of things are in the process of change. Although it isn’t seen on corporate media, there are massive shifts happening in the world today. As important as these changes are, nothing is more important than what is happening within us. The shifts in energy that we are feeling, as we are moving into the light, is creating changes in all of us! We know that changes require challenges and struggle, so it’s important to view everything as happening for our highest good. The important thing is to remain hopeful and joyful when recognising the birth pangs of bringing forth a new world.
When we are mindful and grateful in the midst of seeming chaos, we provide incredible strength and inspiration to others. We feel our energy and vibration rising, as we strive to bring more light into the world by sharing our heart with others. This is a time for celebration and a sense of liberation from the darkness our world has experienced. Being immersed in the energy of love is the most effective way that we can assist in bringing forth the new world. Let’s continue throwing off the last vestiges of the fear based control structure we are all familiar with. As we face these ongoing challenges, the gratitude we express for being here at this time, will help make the shift one of smoothness, grace and joy. Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Light Always! – John Shearer

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Jolly Welcome! I’ll give you a call! Mindful Love & Light Always!

Would love to talk you more about this , thankyou for your words

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