Mindfulness Mentoring

Mentoring Rewards

How important is it to have or be a mentor? Can you think of someone who helped you grow and achieve the success you have? Was it a teacher, a boss, a coach, a relative or perhaps just a good-hearted person who inspired you? Chances are that it was one of the greatest gifts you have ever received. I know it was for me! To share one’s wisdom and knowledge to help another person is one of the greatest gifts we can give.
Are you currently mentoring someone? How are you sharing your gifts and your wisdom in a way that will become your legacy? If you aren’t doing so presently, perhaps it is something you would like to pursue. It could be someone that you seek out (like me) or that the universe provides in response to your intention. Look at how desperate the younger generations are to have someone to look up to, and show them how to see themselves and the world in a more positive light. Why not share your love with someone and help him or her create a greater impact in the world? The rewards are so worth it! Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!
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Mindful Love & Mentoring Always! – John Shearer
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Why not consider a 30 minute $50 session? The session includes 15 minutes of guided meditation/hypnosis for whatever it is you desire to change.

Mindfulness Mentoring

Our Legacy

What will it take for the world to shift enough to create peace and loving cooperation? Raising the level of consciousness is our best chance to create a planet that will be sustainable and welcoming for generations to come. The question is, ‘How do we accomplish it?’ It begins with a deep desire to increase our own awareness. We can only make an impact if we have moved beyond a self-centered perspective and are focused on benefiting others. Our own growth and uniqueness is the greatest gift we can offer the world. We then automatically focus on inspiring others to accelerate their own path of awakening. There are as many ways to contribute to this process as there are people. Have you found your ideal contribution to collective consciousness raising? Are you connecting with others and sharing your wisdom consistently? This is our legacy. There is nothing more fun, energising and important than choosing to make this a focal point of our lives. Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Light Always! – John Shearer

Learn how to channel wisdom from Source.

Why not consider a 30 minute $50 session? The session includes 15 minutes of guided meditation/hypnosis for whatever it is you desire to change.

Mindfulness Mentoring

Mindful Insights Feedback

I get heaps of positive feedback from people who subscribe to my 52 week mentoring service called Mindful Insights. Below is a recent example.

Hi John
Regarding Mindful Insight week 41, you wanted to know my definition of mindful practice. My definition of mindful practice is to let your heart, mind and spirit be constantly open, accepting life in a mindful way and being able to silence yourself when necessary. I use mindful practice every day. Whenever my mind starts to wonder, I say a little prayer and then return back to the present. I don’t take my phone anymore with me when I leave the house for shopping or out catching up with friends. If I have visitors, my phone is on silent in my bedroom so I can be present with my guests.
The first thing I do every morning is be grateful for being alive and healthy, grateful for all I have and grateful my family is good. Before I hop into the shower, I always take a look outside my back window and look at nature. It always puts a smile on my face, seeing the weather, the birds and the large dam that I back onto. Rainy days don’t make me sad, I actually love them because it brings everything to life. I water my vegetable garden before I go to work, it gives me a sense of peace watching my vegetables grow daily. In summer, I never wear foot wear in my front or back yard, as I love to feel the grass under my feet.
I feel a lot calmer in myself. I appreciate all nature now, I even take out spiders from the house and place them in the grass or garden these days. I have even converted my husband into doing this. Driving to and from work, it is an hour drive each way, I am present in the way that I either appreciate the sun shining through the car window or I appreciate the rain landing on my front window. Whenever it is raining, I always have a tendency to walk in the rain to feel the drops onto my skin, everyone thinks I am mad but I love the feel of being alive.
I am mindful when I cook as I now do it with patience and love. I always do my cleaning with pleasure. I do love cleaning though. And I make sure when entertaining that I am 100% present and enjoy and give out as much love and presence as I can. I now no longer judge people like I used to and being mindful allows me to respond rather than react. I always make sure when I am at the supermarket, that I go to a checkout where there is a person at the register. I always answer them if they ask how I am and I always ask them how they are and I listen to their answer.
Whenever I went swimming, I did lots overseas, I felt the cold water as I slowly walked into the ocean, noticing the saltiness on my skin as I dried in the sun. I sat there, watching the families around me playing in the ocean, noticing the warmth on my skin, the noise around me and the smell of the ocean. I do tend to stop lately, pause and soak up all the atmosphere around me when I am out and about.
I am so grateful for this course as I know I am now a completely different person and everyone can see the big change in me.
Kind Regards – Carmen

In My Certificate Course, You’ll Learn How to:

  • Tune into the deep intuitive wisdom that lies within you
  • Embrace new and exciting change in an empowering way
  • Overcome the false beliefs that people and society have embedded in you
  • Awaken to the power of merging the brain and the heart to make decisions that are true and meaningful
  • Build positive and loving relationships
  • Solve existing problems in your relationships
  • Learn mindfulness mentoring skills to help others
  • Create pathways to a life of happiness and abundance
  • And so much more!

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Mindfulness Mentoring

What is a Mood Disorder Anyway?

‘Bipolar’ people are attracted to me. Why? Because I have lived experience with this disorder. Please keep my mentoring service in mind if you have a friend or family who wishes to regain mood order in their lives. Subscription to my 12 month mentoring service costs only Au$15 per fortnight and includes regular phone, skype or messenger chats. I have a few spots available now with a few more available soon as people get their certificate. More info here.
Mindfully Yours with Love & Gratitude Always 💙