Mindful Actions

What is Reality?

What do we really know about our origin on this planet? Can we trust the history that we were taught in school? Can we take the words of ancient texts as the whole truth? How do we account for so many incredible ancient structures throughout the world? They seem to be so similar, have amazing astronomical precision, and yet were supposedly made by primitive people without access to modern tools!
When we begin to remove the blinkers of what we have been taught as fact… when we begin to explore the ancient myths as if they may be actual history… and when we closely examine the archeological evidence… then many things become possible! Is it possible that we came from or were visited by some sort of beings with advanced technologies? What is our true purpose here as a species?
When our minds are open, the universe brings answers in ways that can completely shift our perspective of reality. How do we become open to truth? Close your eyes, pause your thoughts and heart-test for truth by placing your hand or fist on your heart. FEEL your question… you will have a kind of knowing. Any doubt… leave it out! Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Practice Always! – John Shearer
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Mindful Actions

Starting Each Day

What do you do to start your day? Do you see each day as a continuation of your previous days? Or do you look at each day as an excellent opportunity to do something different, try something new, or strive to be a better version of yourself than yesterday? Is each day a sandpit to play in, time to take the next step or experience whatever you desire? If you don’t have this type of enthusiasm for life, each and every morning, what can you do to develop it?
The most important thing is to focus on gratitude as soon as you wake up. There is so much to be thankful for, and when you start with that attitude, you automatically start by looking on the bright side, not the negative. Pausing your thoughts and connecting with Source Energy or your higher power, will also help you gain clarity for the day. There is incredibly powerful guidance available if you call upon it with faith and with a silent mind to receive. During this time let action steps begin to form. What is one action you can take to improve your life or move your business forward? What is one action you can take that will bring joy into the life of another? What can you do today to help improve the world?
When you start each day with clarity about who you are and where your life is heading, then it is easy to take enthusiastic action to move forward. When you start your day with self-love and gratitude, it will be a magical day in which you can create anything you desire. Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Practice Always! – John Shearer
PS: Why not Make a Booking? It’s not always about the money.

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Mindful Actions

Mindful Gratitude

Practice Gratitude

“Can you say ‘Thank You?’”

One of the first things we teach our kids as soon as they learn to speak is to say, “Thank you.” Think of the countless times you have said, “what do you say?…” to prompt your child to utter these words. But do our kids really have any idea what it means to be thankful?

Practicing gratitude has benefits that go beyond having a polite kid. Studies show that people who practice gratitude feel 25% happier, are more likely to be kind and helpful to others, are more enthusiastic, interested and determined, and even sleep better.  

And grateful children and teens tend to thrive. Kids who practice gratitude get higher grades, are more satisfied with their lives, are more integrated socially and show fewer signs of depression.  

So how can families practice gratitude in meaningful ways so that our kids learn what it means to be thankful? Here are a few ideas:

  • Express your appreciation for each other.
    In my house we started this as a birthday tradition. When it is someone’s birthday we go around the table and express what we all appreciate about that person. The first time we did this it was uncomfortable for me, it felt ‘cheesy’ for lack of a better term. But when I heard the amazing things my kids had to say it quickly became my favorite family ritual, and we remind each other of what has been said often.
  • Acknowledge the small stuff.
    When we practice mindfulness it helps us to be present in our relationships and pay attention to our environment. Often it is easy to go through the day distracted, out of sync with our environment and the people around us. When you are with your kids, be intentional about noticing the beautiful flowers, bright blue sky, the helpful person at the coffee counter, and the nice man who held the door for you. Your appreciation for the the little things around you will rub off on your kids.
  • Make a gratitude jar.
    This can be a fun project for kids. Find a container and let the kids decorate it. Cut out some pieces of scratch paper and put them in a convenient place so that family members can write down things they feel grateful for and place the paper in the jar. If kids can’t yet write then having them draw a picture of something works great also! Then, open the jar once a week or once a month and read what everyone has written.
  • Make it part of your bedtime routine.
    Take a few minutes at the end of each day to show appreciation for the little things in your life for which you are thankful. It is important for parents to model gratitude for meaningful things like relationships, kindness, and the natural beauty in your environment (rather than your 60 inch plasma TV or your new ipad). This is a wonderful way to end each day!

A huge Thank You to Kristen Pace from Mindful Life for this blog. Mindfully Yours with Love & Gratitude Always! ~ John

Mindful Actions

Be Mindful Newsletter Feedback

1Old Pylons

Why do I do what I do? This is just one response from my Be Mindful newsletter. Why not subscribe?

Hi John,

Thank you so much this it has come at just the right time for me! I started following you on Facebook in May last year and it was you who kickstarted my mindful journey. Since then I’ve been trying to read up on it all over the place! I have just finished your book and have started to read it over as I know I have not put into action everything that you advise. It is so hard to maintain the focus when caught up in a busy day! But I am working on it. I have downloaded the Headspace app (I expect you’ve heard of it) and so that is helping too. I believe good things seem to be coming my way too, chance meetings with people who can help me on my spiritual journey, for example! I am both amazed and encouraged by this. I have also found I am not getting nearly as stressed out over silly little things as I used to. Road rage, what’s that?!

Tips like the ones below really help keep me on track so please keep them coming. And thank you so much! You are doing a truly wonderful thing sharing your wisdom this way and I along with many many others will be eternally grateful.

With the very best wishes,


Sent from my iPad

> On 24 Mar 2015, Mindfulness Coach <> wrote:
> Gooday Rachel
> Things don’t get better by chance, they get better by change! How do we overcome resistance to change? Does it seem that no matter how many courses we do or how many books we read, actually making changes in our daily life seems such a big challenge? What is it that prevents us from taking the necessary steps that would make a huge difference in our life? Most of us have many beliefs that we created as teenagers to help cope with a busy and confusing world. Many of these beliefs are now the very reason that we blame ourselves and see ourselves as unworthy. One way to clear these beliefs is to create new ones that are more empowering.
> When you notice an unhelpful or negative thought; be mindful (pause your mind with awareness) and replace it with an action thought that is based on your values. Instead of worrying about your perceived short-comings, focus on your strengths and gifts in such a way that it benefits others. Change will become automatic and old beliefs will lose their power over you. Another way to clear old beliefs is to pretend your mind is a computer; simply reset to original settings by turning it off each night. Start every morning with a clear cache and an open mind. Be Mindful!
> Mindfully Yours with Love & Peace of Mind Always! – John Shearer
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Mindful Actions

Perfect Christmas Gift

Mindful Xmas

Have you got friends who are stressed, anxious or depressed? Maybe you have friends who need a boost in confidence or motivation? Please consider giving them a copy of my book Mindful Actions for Christmas. I am happy to sign and deliver in my hometown or mail worldwide. (click here for details)

My book is designed to be a journey to enlightenment and peace of mind. Here is some feedback that I have received so far:

Nicole ~ Thank you John for your inspiring words. I have enjoyed this amazing journey of mindfulness. We are all slowly but surely waking up! Thank you.

Dael ~ Thankyou for your awesome book. Now it’s practice and more practice. Namaste.

Trudy ~ Thank you for your insights that have helped me create a great attitude.

Sonia ~ Reading mindful actions created a major opportunity to improve myself! Thank you so much dear John! Bless you!

Amy ~ Thanks so much – what an awesome book – I wish more people would read it!

Linda ~ I am so beyond blessed and grateful for you John. I’ve walked through darkness and you have helped me to see the brightness of my life. I appreciate your truth, wisdom and knowledge. Thank you!

Michelle ~  I don’t think I have words powerful enough to speak my gratitude for how much you have deepened my understanding.

Nalin ~ It’s wonderful John, really amazing. I love it more and keep practicing. Thanks!

Bee ~ Thank you with love and gratitude. I must say it opens one’s mind and heart. Namaste.

Lily ~ So grateful to have your assistance to bring me into the light. I will try to remember and practice the mindful actions.

Bobby ~ Thank you John you have helped me more than I can express. I needed this in my life, today I am mindful not only of others but of myself.

Anja ~ You have made a difference in my life for sure. Bless you.

Horto ~ Thank you John for your inspiring messages and good thought.

Johanna ~ Thank you so much for the wisdom and love you have shared! I am so grateful!

Sonia ~ Thank You Mindfulness Coach for these 30 inspiring chapters! With love & gratitude… be mindful!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and express my love, gratitude and very best wishes for 2015. It’s going to be a cracker!!

Mindful Actions

Press Release

Mindful Actions Front Cover

Author’s new book praises benefits of ‘Mindful Actions’

John Shearer shares life story, power of mindfulness with readers to help prevent mental illnesses

GRAFTON, Australia – In 1982, author John Shearer was in a brutal truck accident and pronounced dead. Shortly after, however, he was revived but not without issue – he now had a severe mental disorder. Shearer was convinced he was brought back for a reason –he just had to find it. He finally began to find what he was looking for in 1997, when he left depression and his disorder behind.

Shearer now aims to help readers find peace of their own through his new book, “Mindful Actions” (published by Balboa Press AU), which discusses the practice of mindfulness.

“I am passionate about helping people go from meds to mindfulness,” Shearer says on the topic of his book. “The western world needs far less medication and heaps more mentors.”

Throughout “Mindful Actions,” Shearer discusses the ways in which mindfulness can better the lives of all readers, especially those suffering from depression. He also discusses his own journey to mindfulness, in hopes that it will help readers realize its healing abilities.

“My book is a transformational journey of self-discovery, especially for people with depression, stress or anxiety,” Shearer says. “It is about learning, exploring and practicing the many aspects of being mindful without meditation.”

Shearer invites you to visit his website to order a signed copy of Mindful Actions.

“Mindful Actions” by John Shearer

Softcover | 5 x 8 in | 110 pages | ISBN 9781452525631

About the Author

John Shearer was in a truck accident in 1982 at which point he was pronounced dead. He was revived shortly after but with a severe mental disorder. Through mindfulness he managed to beat his disorders and now aims to help others do the same through his first book, “Mindful Actions.”

Mindful Actions

Month of Mindfulness

1Storm Will Pass

Earlier this year, I hosted an online facebook event and targeted Australians with mental suffering. It was called Mindfulness Day and launched Mindful May. In Australia, May precedes winter which is prime time for depression and suicide. 4,700 people attended and it was a huge success.

My facebook page has over 730,000 ‘likers’. Why? Because Mindfulness is helping people transform their lives. Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and awake to the present moment. It is the continuous practice of touching life deeply in every moment of daily life. To be mindful is to be truly alive and present with those around you and with what you are doing. Mindfulness is the best hope for the world to overcome mental suffering and is part of all therapies used in treating ‘mental illness’ today.

I am planning another Month of Mindfulness for the Northern Hemisphere in November. Winter follows November in the Northern Hemisphere so it makes sense to host this encore event. Month of Mindfulness takes you on a transformational journey; learning, exploring and practicing the many aspects of mindfulness – without meditation. It will be a roadmap for practising mindful awareness and will help guide you through the process of self discovery, waking up and connecting fully with your authentic self.

If we work together, this encore event could have an impact on thousands and save lives! Please Join to Raise Awareness & Share to Help Others! We are All One, One with Spirit, One with Life! Mindfully Yours with One Love for All ~ John

Month of Mindfulness:

Mindful Actions

Mindful Actions

My FREE eStory ‘Meds to Mindfulness’ is now available by sending an e-mail to: Be inspired by my story. It begins in 1982 when I died in a truck smash and was revived. Fifteen years of ups and downs and mental suffering followed. Medications and even shock treatment was given, none of which had any lasting benefits. Read how I became awake in 1997 and stepped from the darkness into the light. Follow my journey as childhood dreams came true and I started living with purpose and passion. Learn how I started my mindfulness practice in 2009 and now live in a state of enlightenment and peace. Only 20-30 minutes reading time…

Mindful Actions is my upcoming book which will take you on a journey exploring and practising the many aspects of mindfulness, without meditation. Mindful Actions is designed to take 3-6 months to read; five minutes at a time every 3-7 days. It will be a roadmap to practising mindful awareness and will help guide you through the process of self discovery, waking up and connecting fully with yourself and all those around you!

Mindful Actions is being published by Balboa Press (Division of Hay House) and will be available in November, 2014 at a very reasonable price. If you would like to be informed when it is ready, send an e-mail to:

Stay Positive. Stay Present. Stay Strong. Stay Smiling. Love, Laughter & Be Mindful Always! ~ John