Benefits of a Mindful Practice

Feedback about the Benefits of a Mindful Practice

I have been receiving excellent feedback from people who have subscribed to my Mindful Insights Mentoring Service. My favourite comment, “It’s great having only one thing to work on each week.” Some of the benefits mentioned are:

  • “Helps me reduce stress.”
  • “Helps me to be in touch with my emotions, but not ruled by them.”
  • “Helps me to be more balanced.”
  • “Helps me live a better life and enjoy the life I have.”
  • “Starts my day off right.”
  • “I feel more creative.”
  • “Helps me to focus on what’s important.”
  • “I am less reactive.”
  • “Helps me sleep better.”
  • “Greater control over my life.”
  • “More peace.”
  • “Makes me feel better mentally and physically.”
  • “Helps me focus on the good things in life.”
  • “My decision making is clearer.”

Mindfulness is not a cure or quick fix. It is a process that requires practice, that’s why it is called a mindful practice. The hardest thing to do when I started my practice was remembering to practice! Several people have commented how they love receiving an insight every Friday. They read over the weekend and practice throughout their week.

I have retired as a mentor with Juvenile Justice to focus on establishing Mindfulness Mentoring Institute. I devote my mornings to teaching and coaching sessions and keep my afternoons appointment free to receive phone and skype calls. Please feel welcome to call for an obligation free chat about my certificate course or mentoring service. I am available 7 days between noon & 4pm NSW time. Phone 0418 864 162

My main message: Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!
Mindfully Yours with Love, Joy & Peace Always! – John

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Gooday Beth – Thank you for all your support. Also thank you for being you and truly making a difference. Mindfully Yours as Always! – John

Thank you Issy! Your words mean a lot to me. It is true… We are never alone! Yours in Awareness Always! – John

Thank you Jodee – You are well on your way to both peace of mind and clarity of mind… two of the top benefits! Mindfully Yours as Always! – John

I have had a daily practice of ” Mindfulness ” since early May when i heard something on my local radio station that ” inspired ” me to take action.
At these early stages its been ” Heaven ” & ” Hell ”
I have gained much freedom & a sense of energy within . The hard part is when i ” resist ” the here & now & don’t always see that i am somehow resisting . My old negative thinking & consequent behaviours are proving hard habits to break with lots of battles going on within as to which part of myself to believe .
I recently started my online course with John & i enjoy being connected to someone & something positive . I can’t wait to get my Friday email & i swear someone is looking after me; for every Friday i get just what i needed to read at just the right moment !

Thank you John. Practise is key. There are a lot of people in this world who feel lost in their own minds. They will search hoping to find that “something”, which fills the void in their lives. Some will find it – others wont.
I now embrace the good Lord and his universe each morning by throwing open my arms and giving thanks to him and and asking for guidance. (Tip from you John).
Indeed it helps you feel a part of something special, of belonging and not a feeling of being “alone” . Mental health and Mindfulness are entwined and via good people like you John, it makes us all realise we are part of something very special. Kind Regards Issy.

Living mindfully has helped me :
become more mindful of my surroundings, and those around me , their feelings .
– being mindful has opened a door to enjoy learning photography
– opened me to share my journey, excited to teach others about mindfulness.
– it affects every aspect of my life

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