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Are You Ready To Change Your Life?


10 Ways to Know For Sure

1. You’re tired.
This isn’t just a sleepy feeling when you lay down for bed at night, but an ongoing sense of tiredness throughout the day. It’s as if no matter how much sleep you actually get, your reserve energy to face the day is always low or missing.

2. You’re frustrated.
You want the feeling of unsettledness to go away so you can just “show up” and do what needs to be done. When other people don’t do their part, or prevent you from doing yours, you grow even more frustrated by the situation. You may even fail to understand why it bothers you so much.

3. You’re stressed.
Not just stressed, but over-stressed. You can be fine, doing your thing at home or work, and then something goes slightly wrong. And you find yourself going from fine to extremely stressed in an instant. This is over-stressed, when you teeter on the edge between fine and not fine.

4. You’re desperate.
You just want it to work without anything having to change. You think to yourself, “if only such and such would do this then everything would be fine.” All of your focus is placed on altering the external circumstances around you instead of the actions you could take to make things different.

5. You’re full of regret.
You have a negative internal dialogue that reminds you far too often of all the past mistakes, failures, and moments where you didn’t quite accomplish what you set out to do.

6. You’re ashamed.
You don’t want the world to really see you. You don’t challenge yourself to step out from the crowd because then they can see the failure within.

7. You’re resentful.
You just want it to be different. If only everybody else would cooperate with the plan, then the standing still plan would work. Why won’t they just do their part?

8. You’re doubtful.
Deep inside, you know that standing still isn’t the answer. You know that you have to do something, to begin listening to the whispers that well up within your heart. But you don’t think you have what it takes to change. You don’t know what the answer is for what actually needs to change.

9. You’re fearful.
You’re scared. You may fail, you may end up worse off than you are. After all, life isn’t all that bad. You’ve got good things and good people—there are happy parts. Why then are the bad parts still so overwhelming?

10. You’re looking for an escape plan.
Perhaps if you just packed up and moved to a new town. Then things would be different for you. You could start over, no one would know your past history there.

A Mindful practise can eliminate any or all of these things. The way to change your life is to change the way you think. Make an appointment today!

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Thank you for your enquiry. It is on my to-do list to make a CD. This is a great prompt to get started. Many Regards – John

Do you have cd’s that can be ordered? You say to make appt, but, YOUR far away!! Do you have recorded presentation!?

One of the best mottos I live by is ‘NO FEAR!’ Another is ‘WHY WORRY?’ Mindfulness without meditation is the thing to learn. It is so powerful yet so simple. It is a transformative mental state of awareness, openness and focus. In a state of mindfulness, you can let difficult thoughts and feelings freely flow through you, without getting caught up in them or pushed around by them, and without getting into a struggle with them. Mindfulness also enables you to engage fully in what you are doing, to maximise your pleasure and fulfilment, or enable peak performance. In the past, you could only learn mindfulness skills through ancient Eastern practices such as yoga, meditation or martial arts. These days, mindfulness skills are quick and easy to learn, without any need to meditate. You can literally learn them in a few minutes, and they will rapidly and effectively help you to reduce the impact and influence of painful feelings, let go of distressing or unhelpful thoughts, break the grip of self-defeating habits, and engage fully in your life. Love & Laughter Always! – John

I’m just starting life. Just graduated from high school, just recently got my first serious boyfriend… Still haven’t the slightest clue what to do with myself. I even try not to think about what’s next because I’m so worried I’m going to disappoint someone or do something wrong. I don’t really feel motivated or like I should worry about any of it, but shouldn’t I?

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