The Mindful Way

Are You God?

Are you a reflection of our Creator’s perfection? When is that perfection going to show up in the midst of all our life challenges? There are many theories about the origin of man, who is the creator, and whether or not we are gods ourselves? Perhaps we are merely imperfect humans embodied on a challenging planet. We all look at ourselves and see flaws because we have been conditioned to spend our lives trying to overcome.
Let’s suppose it is possible that we are a perfect reflection of our Creator. Perhaps we are here to dive deeply into the challenges of human life, in order to experience all our emotions? Wouldn’t life as a perfect being be extremely boring? Is it possible that planet earth is merely a playground to experience every human emotion? Maybe that is the true gift this planet provides… experiencing fully in each moment, the joys, sorrows, fears and frustrations that make life an interesting and truly captivating experience. The more we practice mindfulness and treat life as a mysterious and exhilarating adventure, the more we find it to be the perfect place to be godlike and human at the same time. Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!

Mindful Love & Gratitude Always! – John Shearer

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