ACT Mindfully

ACT Mindfully

 A = Accept your thoughts & feelings, and be present.

C = Choose a valued direction.

T = Take action!

Six Core Processes of ACT

CONNECT WITH NOW ~ Allows you to engage fully in what you are doing. ~ Enables you to ‘catch’ thoughts ‘in flight’.

OBSERVING SELF ~ A transcendent sense of self: a perspective to observe self-as-context. ~ Is a process, not a thing, an awareness of awareness itself.

ACCEPTANCE ~ Defused, open, undefended contact with the present moment. ~ Opening yourself fully to experience, as it is, not as your mind says it is.

DEFUSION ~ Noticing thoughts rather than being caught up in them. ~ Seeing thoughts as what they are, not as what they seem to be.

VALUES ~ Give life meaning and give a sense of abundance. ~ What you want to stand for in life, are different to goals.

COMMITTED ACTION ~ Overt behaviour without fear. ~ Values-guided, effective and mindful.

These are the six core processes we focus on. The six can be ‘lumped’ together into three functionalities as follows; Defusion & Acceptance are about separating from thoughts and feelings, seeing them for what they really are, making room for them, and allowing them to come and go of their own accord. In other words: “Opening up.”Connect with Now & Observing Self both involve making contact with various aspects of your here-and-now experience. In other words: “Being present.” Values & Committed Action involves what you want your life to be about and facilitating life enhancing action. In other words: “Doing what matters.” When you put it all together, you will have the ability to “Be present, open up and do what matters!”

The aim of ACT is to create a rich, full and meaningful life while accepting the pain that inevitably goes with it. The outcome we aim for in ACT is mindful, valued living. Learn how to ‘step back’ and detach from your thoughts, images and memories. Hopefully, after just one session, you will have the tools to start working towards a blissful life. Make an Appointment Today!

Always in Confidence – John Shearer 

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