My journey begins in 1982 when I died in a horrific truck accident. I was revived with substantial physical injuries but nothing compared to the fifteen years of mental suffering. I felt ashamed with my condition and refused to get help outside the ‘system’.
In 1997, I got my miracle when an old friend knocked on my door and told me his story. This put me on the road to recovery. I stepped from the darkness into the light with no more meds and no more depression! However, my mind continued with unhelpful stories and negative self judgements. These were easily overcome and I was able to live a ‘normal’ life and work again.
In 2009, I started a personal mindful practice as well as an intensive 9,000 hour study into the many aspects of mindfulness and how it is found in all cultures. My life was completely transformed and I now live with both peace of mind and clarity of mind.
I am very passionate about my purpose which is to help people with mental suffering.
In 2011, I created a facebook page which now has over 650,000 followers.
In 2014, I invited Australians with mental suffering to an online facebook event called Mindfulness Day. (1st Sunday in May) 4,700 people attended the month long event and it was hugely successful with hundreds of lives transformed. The event became my book Mindful Actions which was launched on World Mental Health Day, 10th October, 2014.
In 2015, I founded mindfullyMAD.org (mindfully Making A Difference) Our vision is world mental health without medication. Our mission is love, peace and happiness through the practice of mindfulness. Our objective is to lobby for mindfulness in schools. Our focus is prevention of mental suffering and suicide. It is a place to ‘Tell Your Story’ or ‘Find a Mindfulness Mentor.’
In 2017, I founded the Mindfulness Mentoring Institute. I offer a certificate course Keys to Mindfulness Mentoring. I also launched a mentoring service for those who have a heart to help others but need to work on themselves first.
In 2019, I created RAG Therapy. (Resistance, Acceptance, Gratitude) It has been highly successful due to it’s simplicity.
In 2020, I launched my second book Mindful Insights – Radical Practice for Self Realisation. It is a 52 week journey to master your mind!
In 2022, my wife Maureen and I opened a Sound Therapy room in Hervey Bay, Queensland. More info: saffronsounds.com.au

My message for the world… Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!
Mindfully Yours with Love, Joy & Peace Always  ~ John Shearer MM

Please feel welcome to contact me for Interviews or Public Speaking Engagements or better still, why not book a session!

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Your posts help me everyday. I am even getting the ‘Breath’ symbol as a tattoo somewhere I can see it everyday for my panic attacks and when I’m feeling like I don’t want to breath anymore. I’m diagnosed with severe psychotic depression and for the first time in my life, 3 years ago, experienced psychosis and it almost ended my life and my little dogs life as I was so afraid. I’ve come a long way since and trying my best everyday never to go down that road again. I think I will be on medication for the rest of my life but I’m okay with that because I know they help me. Mindfulness helps me everyday too, it brings me back to reality when I’m feeling unwell, thank you.

John I love the work you are doing. I think we share a lot in common during your young and youthful life. Me at age 14 I had lost all my family (mum, Dad & brother) and my relatives always pushed me away near them. But with Mercy and determination this year l graduated from the University with a Bachelor’s degree in leadership and governce and I committed myself to serve marginalized & vulnerable communities in my home country Uganda because l was once vulnerable without any hope in life. John and the entire mindfulness team let’s work together for a better word. I commit myself to the team based in Uganda.

I was born poor and joined an Abby at the age of 13 Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey read and studied the order and joined in their practices also I was a Straight A student and world-class Wrestler what we can learn much from each other I am also Naive and Hispanic I speech and live in all three cultures. I am now 62

Hi John,
You are doing wonderful work for humanity. Thanks for sharing your story! Mindfulness has helped me with anxiety and depression. Since childhood, I have always lived in fear and self doubt. Had low self esteem (I still struggle a little with this one) However, Mindfulness has helped me become aware of my own thought process and beliefs about myself and life. Yoga and Mindfulness have both taught me to be aware, learn to ground myself, and continue to learn to accept and love myself unconditionally so that I can love others unconditionally as well. I always wanted to help people and noticing the changes within self I trained in Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga teacher training at the same time. I feel as though I have found my true purpose with mindfulness and love teaching others. In fact I want to write a book about my own story and sending the message to others to believe in themselves and never give up on their dreams. I would still be suffering so much if it were not for mindfulness. THANKS again for all the work you are doing. Especially for letting all of us be a part of your journey. sincerely, Jennifer Namaste!

Hi John

I am from India..( West bengal.. city:Kolkata) …for the last one year I was trying to understand what mindfulness is.. what concsiousness is.. and the relation between mindfulness consciousness motivation meditation metaphysics . I suddenly found out a post in FB and from there searching the links I landed up here in your page. I feel I am blessed to have found you. You are doing such incredible work for humanity. Thank you so much. I wish to talk to you very soon. Stay well and blessed

I love your work Christine. Love & Gratitude Always!

Hi John –

I just followed a link for one of Searching For OM’s posts back to your website. I love what you are doing, particularly the giving back to the community. Thank you so much for sharing. Perhaps our paths will mindfully cross one day.

Peace & OM-


Hello, I just came apon your page while I was in need to practice what I believe. I am a 1st degree Reiki practitioner. Your story somewhat matches mine. After my third child was born by c-section, I started to hemorrhage. There are moments that I was watching from above. That was the day I began my search for answers. WHY am I here, what is my purpose and why do I have this special gift? My oldest son just had my first grandchild and I basically was told that I didn’t have an appointment to see her. I had to remind myself that when its my turn I will get to see her. In the moment. I had to remember my principles of Reiki. I picked up my tablet to numb my mind and I don’t know how, I fond your page. I will be following you daily to help me on my journey. Thank you

Thank you John for the incredible insite on bringing mindfulness to the forefront of my mind. I am more aware and more focused.

Having been diagnosed with adult ADD, I have learned to go to the right places for the tools I need to be the best that I can be.

I am really enjoying your facebook page! I am an LPC in the states and work with a lot of DJJ adolescents. I teach mindfulness to a lot of my clients and your messages have help me to remember to stay replenished so that I may better serve my clients and others. I, too, am on a journey of mindfulness. I have had one near death experience (1984) and died for 15 minutes in 2011 on the table during open heart surgery. Like you, I feel that there is a reason for this. I wish you happy travels 🙂

I have only just discovered you today on Facebook, I am a bereavement counsellor living and working in north wales uk, reading your articles has brought clarity to me in looking at how i gear my sessions actually in a coaching style, showing my clients the options they have at a time in their lives when they feel they have no options and bringing clarity into what is actually happening to them and of course why! I found your articles very helpful and insightful thank you for sharing your life experiences. I have received a gift today from you thank you Letitia x

Hi, I’m Rusty and its amazing how close our life story based on a traumatized event change our lives. a near drowning erased my memory, new state of mind was very close to being exactly like the process associated with Mindfulness, except I how no ability to feel apathy.
Psychologist in different fields of practice couldn’t explain how I was able to over-come a childhood mental state which was diagnosed by two psychologists as being mentally retarded.
Now, in my early fifties, I for the first time in my life have been able to open new feeling and emotions by living the Mindfulness process. A week ago, I came across a writing by Kabatt-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts on Mindfulness and my entire life finally made sense.
How was I since a child able to live each day in this state of Mindfulness? Now I know my life time of over forties years using this mind-set can be taught to people struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, and most struggles in life, for some people will not be able to control their emotions.
Once, has to feel compassion and have a great deal of patience to fully experience the true effects of Mindfulness. And I know it can be taught to a person who is ready to change their life.

Hi, I follow you on Facebook. This was my first time reading your “About Me” section and your story is incredible. Your posts always make a difference for me and “remind me to be mindful”…..so yes, I can say that you were brought back for a reason. You’ve certainly helped me!

Keeping it real, love the concept of coaching not counselling.

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