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The World needs an army of Mindfulness Mentors.

“You cannot transmit wisdom and insight to another person. The seed is already there. A good teacher touches the seed, allowing it to wake up, to sprout, and to grow.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Are you aware of the incredible change that is happening in the world today? You won’t hear much about it from corporate media because they seem to keep focus on bad news and fear mongering. You won’t hear much about it from governments or religions because they seem to keep focus on power and control. Choose not to buy into the fear tactics of old control structures that are crumbling away. Rather, keep your focus on the new world that we are all co-creating. A world full of love, joy, peace, and wellbeing.

The good news in the world today comes from within. Take a short break and be still. Be alone with yourself in silence and connect deeply with who you truly are underneath it all. Help bring forth the new paradigm of harmony and transformation that is emerging in the world today. Be part of the solution for the epidemic of mental suffering in these troubled times. We can make a difference… one person at a time! Search your heart and enrol if you would like to learn the skills necessary to be an effective and intuitive Mindfulness Mentor or Peer Support Worker/Volunteer.

What is a Mindfulness Mentor? Let’s break it up. The practice of mindfulness is noticing that you have been distracted, most likely with thoughts about the past or future, and then bringing your awareness back to the present moment over and over again, until it becomes an embedded way of being. Mentor means a wise and trusted teacher, counselor or coach. This includes parents and carers! My course is also excellent for peer workers with lived experience of mental disorder. It is also perfect for anyone who wants to build rock solid relationships, with themselves, their loved ones, employees or team. If this sounds like you, then I encourage you to enrol today. A mindful mentor lives a mindful life!

What I am offering is three 1-to-1 sessions. Sessions are 90 minutes, you have the option to pay for each session as you go or pay now to save $150. Simply click the PayPal button below. AU$450 AU$300 (Approx.US$182; CAD$258; GBP147; EUR168). The sessions are done at your pace with practice work to do in between. You are guaranteed a new perspective with the mentoring skills that you learn. Pay cash (local), bank transfer within Australia (e-mail for details) or simply click this PayPal button.

When you enrol in Keys to Mindfulness Mentoring, I will send a copy of my book Mindful Actions (mailed worldwide) and contact you via email to schedule our first session. (In my ‘quiet room’ or via video link such as zoom) You will have the Keys to be a Mindfulness Mentor by the second session and encouraged to practice your skills. You will also receive my PDF called Mindful Insights Mentoring which has 52 chapters covering all aspects of developing a true mindful practice. The third session will be scheduled when YOU are ready to demonstrate your skills as a mindfulness mentor. Go at your own pace… you will know when it is time to be a Master of Mindfulness. I will then send your well deserved certificate and you will have the option to be listed in ‘Find a Mindfulness Mentor’ and become part of our fast growing organisation… mindfullyMAD.org (mindfully Making A Difference)

At this point I could tell you about the many benefits of being a Mindfulness Mentor or ask some fellow mentors to write glowing recommendations about this course. I am no marketing guru but I am passionate about my purpose. I am excited about devoting my time to teaching people the keys that will enable them to teach others how to establish a mindful practice.

Please feel welcome to request an obligation free chat about this course. Simply send an email to: mindfulmad@gmail.com or phone 0418 864 162 (International +61 418 864 162)

Mindfully Yours with Love, Joy & Peace Always! – John Shearer
Mindfulness Mentoring Institute

45 thoughts on “Certificate Course

  1. Hi. I am from Malaysia. Do u accept overseas student to join the course? I would love to be a mentor for mindfulness. Tq

  2. Wow, incredible experience, powerful journey, amazing compassion…..are just a few ways to describe this course.
    John is a Coach who lives what he teaches! His compassion for the Healing and Wholeness of those he mentors, who feel his ripple, is evident in all he does.
    His book is evidence that this works and can change your circumstance.
    His Passion & Love drives his life.
    Mindfulness can and will change your life!
    From my home in Canada, google connected us and My Life Changed Forever! and so can yours. Mindfulness clears the way to greater things then you can imagine. I challenge you to give it a try, you have nothing to loose but your suffering.
    In Love ❤️❤️

  3. I loved Johns warm friendly down to earth sessions and thoroughly enjoyed the Mindfulness Mentors course. John has such a rich history filled with so much insight and wisdom and a deep compassion to bring ease to those suffering which really shines through all he does. This course is useful for all walks of life both the experienced and the beginner. I highly recommend this course to anyone thinking about learning from such a wonderful teacher and fellow traveller.

    Thank you John for all you do.

  4. Would like more information if you would please this sounds pretty amazeing.I have studied a lot of spiritual teachings but have not found my place in the spiritual field as of yet.I have help people in the mental heath and spiritual areas butI have always wanted to get a degree or certificate in something to help even more and I know it would help me grow as well. Thank you for doing what you do and thank you for your time love light and blessings

  5. Hi John, Can you please email me more information about the “Mindful insights” mentoring program? Thanks!

  6. Thank you Ruth! I will send email. Love & Light Always! – John

  7. Hi John, I have recently become very interested in wanting to learn more of the practice of mindfulness, both personally and professionally in my work, and coming across your website and Facebook page has increased this! Are you able to email me some further info on the course please?
    Thanks, Ruth .

  8. Gooday Lisa – ombase.ca looks awesome! Looking forward to our connection when the time is right. Be Mindful… Pause… Connect! Yours in Awareness Always – John

  9. Hi John!

    I’m still very interested in this; I’ve had a look at my schedule and can’t commit the time until November as my days are completely full launching OmBase, but I’ve set myself a note to follow up with you then.



  10. Gooday Ann – Thank you for being you and wanting to make a difference. I will send email from mindfulmad@gmail.com with my skype details. We will then schedule an obligation free chat. Mindfully Yours – John

  11. Hi John,
    I have come from a very dark pit. My psychologist uses Mindfulness as part of her therapy and I found it fantastic. It has taken a few times of doing it as I said I was in a very dark hole and the climb was hard but I got out, sometimes I feel it creeping up on me again so I practice it daily. I would like to discuss some things first as I really want to help people find their happy place and become a mentor or even better a teacher of mindfulness for adults and children.
    Would be grateful to chat soon.

  12. Hello John, I am writing from New Brunswick CANADA and I am very interested in your course. Would appreciate a bit more information please and thank you.


  13. Gooday Jack – I deliver my course worldwide via skype. You would be the first in Ireland! I really can’t see why the certificate wouldn’t be recognised. Your clients or mentees certainly won’t have a problem. I will send email. Mindfully Yours – John

  14. Hi john , jack here , after seeing ur video on facebook im very interested in doing the course with you . Two questions will it be possible to do from ireland ? Would the certificate be recognized in my country ? Thanks jack

  15. Hello John,

    I can’t believe I only contacted you after stumbling upon your post on LinkedIn and that step changed my life. Your purpose on earth is to show the human race the way into clearer paths and introduce them to mindful lifestyles enriched with grace allow me to say you did a brilliant job teaching me and I will be recommending you.

    Once again, Be mindful!

  16. Hi John,
    I just wanted to say how truly appreciative I am of the Mindfulness Mentor Program that I recently completed with you.
    Your approach is exactly what was needed. Your vision and values are genuine and they shine through. Your journey shows how amazing the benefits of mindfulness practice
    I thank you so much John, you’ve most definitely made a difference to my journey.
    Thanks mate

  17. Hi John,
    Just wanted to say how appreciative I am of the Mindfulness Mentor Program that I’ve just finished with you.
    Your approach to mentoring and your vision to helping others is truly inspiring. Your journey is living proof of the difference mindfulness can make to our lives.

    I’m genuinely grateful for what you’ve done for me and will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks so much mate.

  18. I found John on Insight Timer. He had posted the exercise Silent Observer .
    After listening I realized that this had led me to a profound awakening .I contacted John & purchased the Keys to Mindfulness course .
    This course is ,I think, the best course I have ever purchased on line,John is a tremendous Coach , the Course will lead you from one insight to another.I assure you that after taking this course you will have developed your own Mindfulness Practice & be able to coach others in starting a practice of their own.
    Thanks John & look for mynew website soon.

  19. Gooday Andrea – I will send email with some info. Mindfully Yours – John

  20. I would like to chat with you about the program. My funds are limited and would like to actually talk to you about your ideas and suggestions for mindfulness. I want to leave the world a little better for my kids.

  21. Gooday Raf – Mindfulness mentors need to be good communicators. I will send you an email for further information. – Mindfully Yours – John

  22. Hello, my English understanding, reading and writing capabilities are very good but my speaking capabilities unfortunately are not so good, Skype sessions are mandatory?
    Best Regards

  23. Gooday Gillian – Thank you for your enquiry. I will send an email and suggest an obligation free talk via phone or skype/zoom. Mindfully Yours – John

  24. Hello John, I thank you for this opportunity I have been exploring mindfulness and have been awakening my subconscious mind. Its quite enlightening I must say. I am intrigued by you and what you want to share.

  25. Gooday Thiago – I will send email – Mindfully Yours – John

  26. Hi John, I’ve being studying mindfulness since 2013 and I made de 8 week course here in Brazil, but now I am going to study it at Center of Mindfulness at Shrewsbury and then go to a retreat to become a teacher. Is this course of yours for me? tks!

  27. Gooday Fi – Yes! I will send you an email with details. Mindfully Yours – John

  28. Hi John,
    Can u send me the details about completing the course via email rather than Skype as I don’t have or use skype but am still keen to complete the mentoring training?

  29. Gooday Jackie – Looking forward to working with you, as teacher and pupil. Mindfully Yours with Love & Respect Always! – John

  30. Hi there John
    Im in the Clarence Valley Moved here going on 2 yrs ago.Your name was mentioned to me today
    Ive settled @ Gulmarrad. Ive just built my office cabin. On our property..
    I have a 32 yr nursing and life coach back ground. Im also a psychic, medium and also use Australian Bush Flower with clients, as a practitioner.
    Im very interested in doing your course..
    Yes I have my own story, that has lead me to the path im following ..
    Regards Jackie.. In light..☺

  31. Hi John, am interested in doing course, but have to finish study I am doing now. So will be in touch mid year, thanks, Marlene Ekins

  32. Yes Marie, it is possible to send my training via email. I will send you an email with details. Mindfully Yours – John

  33. Hello John, 🙂

    Do you offer email training sessions instead of skype? I have trouble hearing and would do better via email.

  34. Gooday Maneesh – What I am offering is three one-on-one sessions. Sessions are at least one hour and cost AU$100 each. Pay as you go or pay upfront for three at a reduced price of AU$250 (Approx.US$180 or EUR160) The sessions will be at least one month apart and there will be work to do in between. Mindfully Yours with Love & Respect Always! – John

  35. Gooday John, I really appreciated the introductory skype session today. I’m excited about learning the keys to be a Mindfulness Mentor as I practice the skills.

    Your passion and willingness to teach, coach and mentor me to become a Mindfulness Coach is so appreciated. I’m committed to practicing the relaxation mindfulness exercise through using the 5 senses and my silent observer. Thanks for having made a difference in my life, and looking forward to continue learning from you my Mindfulness Coach!

  36. Gooday Darren – We have Mindfulness Mentors in U.K. (Go to ‘Find a Mindfulness Mentor’ at mindfullyMAD.org) You are very welcome to learn the keys and join us. No need to come to Australia but if you do decide to come, you would be very welcome! Mindfully Yours with Love & Respect – John

  37. Hi there – I whould love to come to Australia and get more involved in your organisation I’m from Liverpool UK

  38. Gooday Songita – Thank you for being you and wanting to make a difference. I am looking forward to working with you, both as a teacher and as a student. – Mindfully Yours – John

  39. Hi John

    I have done a bit of study on mindfulness and am also trying to practice it .I would want to learn more and would love to be a mentor and help others.
    See you soon.
    Thanks and blessings!

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