About Mindfulness

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About Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is a way of experiencing the world on a moment to moment basis, giving you greater clarity and a deep inner peace. It is a way of viewing life with the freshness and newness of children’s eyes, where you gain the insight of freedom, openness and acceptance. Mindfulness gives you the resilience to deal with life’s difficulties, truly appreciate life’s joys and heightens your capacity for intuition and creativity. If greater well-being isn’t enough of an incentive, scientists have now discovered that a mindful practice helps to improve physical health as well. Mindfulness works by helping people to accept their experiences, including painful emotions, rather than reacting to them with aversion and avoidance. People who practice mindfulness are far less likely to get caught up in worries about the future or stories from the past. Developing a mindful practice gives you a new perspective which supports many attitudes that contribute to a satisfied life. A mindful practice is beneficial in so many ways, here are a few examples:

  • develop self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • rise above fear, doubt and insecurity
  • build genuine confidence
  • reduce stress and worry
  • handle painful thoughts and feelings effectively
  • break self-defeating habits
  • develop a resilient mindset
  • improve performance in music and sport
  • build good memory function for study
  • find fulfilment & safety in your work
  • build deeper and more satisfying relationships
  • create a rich, full and meaningful life

1Thumbs UpMindfulness is for everyone. Whether you’re lacking confidence, facing illness, coping with loss, working in a high-stress job, suffering from shyness, struggling with low self-esteem, trying to lose weight or quit smoking, preparing for the biggest challenge of your life, or just wanting to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled. Mindfulness skills are easy to learn, you can get started in one session. The session includes a copy of my transformational book Mindful Actions. Make a confidential appointment today!

Contact me by phone: 0418 864 162 or e-mail: bemindful@outlook.com.au

Mindfully Yours with Love, Joy & Peace Always! – John

18 thoughts on “About Mindfulness

  1. I have just recently started practicing mindfulness. It has revolutionized my life. I am thankful for this program coming my way via FB.

  2. Hello, I’m really connecting with ur philosophy and would be interested learning more how do I go about ecourse?. Look forward to hearing from u thanks

  3. I have come to Christ and I practice mindfulness, my anxiety has tremendously been reduced.

  4. Thank you. This is exactly what my husbsnd and I need. So thankful we came across your FB.

  5. Start to practice. Take small steps and keep going. It is so worth it!

  6. When you ‘notice’ your mind telling you the ‘what could be’ story; you could think something like ‘thank you mind for that thought but I choose to think about one of my values. Let the thought go; don’t dwell on it, fight with it, act on it or try to avoid it. Be Mindful…and ACT!

  7. I love this concept. Have been on a journey of mindfulness in my own life for a long time. Someone posted earlier that “it’s not easy.” Not always, but it sure is worth it! I have been on the Weight Watcher’s Eating plan since October and have lost 30 pounds. It is a wonderful program of “mindful’ eating vs “mindless” eating.I don’t feel deprived at all. It has also been a good guide for me to be more mindful in every area of my life. I feel so much more alive!

  8. How am I to get my mind more quiet and patient. Thinking on present times instead of ahead on “what could be”

  9. Mindfulness is a powerful tool for anxiety and depression. I have been suffering from both for many years and only now am starting to feel a little less controlled by relentless, self-defeating thought processes.
    Mindfulness does take practice but it is well worth it.

  10. It’s not easy to start, but it gets easier as you go. Practice, practice, practice. Love & Be Mindful!

  11. YES! All that is required is PRACTICE! Love & Peace Always! – John

  12. I am grateful for your existence on FB today. I have been experiencing an uncomfortable time for several months. Recovering from MVA last week, focusing on the now & today with an open uncluttered mind & came across your mindfull words. I will continue to Learn how to actively live in the present . Thank you, you are my shining star!

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