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Mindful Actions takes you on a transformational journey; learning, exploring and practicing the many aspects of mindfulness – without meditation. It is a roadmap for practising mindful awareness and guides you through the process of self discovery, waking up and connecting fully with your authentic self.

I launched Mindful Actions on World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2014. Feedback has been amazing! I especially love the fact that people are now coming back and purchasing multiple copies to give away to clients or friends. This lines up perfectly with my passionate purpose which is to help people who are struggling with their thoughts.

My life changing book is only $22 in Australia or AU$32 International (approx. US$19.60 CAD$27.60 GBP16.00 EU18.10), both include postage & handling. Order your signed copy today!


Select Destination – International or Australia Only

Prefer a PDF? I have updated my book and called it The Mindful Way. It teaches you what mindfulness is, what mindfulness is not and how to develop a mindful practice. I recommend reading one chapter per week and practice. Only AU$12 (Approx. US$7.40 CAD$10.40 GBP6.00 EU6.80) Buy it Now:

52 Weeks of Mindful Insights + 2×90 Minute Sessions

I have had many requests to make my 52 week certificate course available in one document. This would enable study at your own pace. The modules could be completed in 52 Days or even less if you are real keen! This option includes a 90 minute One-to-One Session, taylor-made to your needs, at the start of your studies and another when you are finished.
Mindful Insights is the compilation of my eleven years (over 9,000 hours) of intensive study into all aspects of Mindfulness. This includes my study into ancient mindfulness culture from around the world. It is very reasonably priced at AU$200.00 (Approx US$121; CAD$171; GBP98; EUR112) Simply click the PayPal button below.

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  2. Mindful Actions is a fabulous book. It covers all of the most important aspects of mindfulness in everyday language making them easy and accessible for everyone to understand and to action.

    It’s a book you’ll want to keep beside the bed or on your desk so you flick it open every day to be reminded of the small changes that will help you to be more mindful. Congratulations John!

  3. A very easy and simple read John. Articulated well and without any complex concepts. Well done to you and for the benefit of all that are fortunate to come across your book! Once started it was easier to read in one sitting than put your book down. I will, without a doubt read it again and reference to others of your work that is simply stated and highly likely to receive less resistance from the mind. Ultimately resonating in the heart for the seed of higher essence to be nourished and grow within. What an amazing ripple effect you are to yourself and others. Thank you for being you!

  4. Gooday Makedonka – I have mailed many books to Canada. This is included with each Skype session. Most people only require one live session to get their mindful practice off to flying start because they get to experience what mindfulness actually feels like. My book is then a guide in developing their practice. Details are on my One-on-One Sessions page. Mindfully Yours – John

  5. On your reply to Diana’s comment, you mentioned that you conduct sessions online via Skype. May I please add you to my Skype account? If so, what is your User Name on Skype? I am a resident of Pickering, Ontario Canada.

  6. Thank you, John, for your beautiful book! Easy to understand, easy to follow, it’s a book that can change one’s life, a book that came from an amazing experience. It’s a healing guide, a spiritual guide, a life guide. Thank you John, keep writing!

  7. Hi there John, your book has been very helpful in helping me learn Mindfulness successfully and as time goes on eventually that i can maybe come off my meds for my mental health 🙂

  8. A light shines in an otherwise dark world!
    Thank you, and bless you, John!:)))

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  11. Mindful Actions is one of those books that is very readable and honest. I keep it handy and dip in and put of it when I need to. It provides me with a lot of food for thought and I really believe it will benefit me in a number of ways. In fact it already has! This was a recent purchase, which I was led to through John’s Facebook page, which in itself was very enlightening to me.

  12. I appreciate you and your messages! I’d love to read your book!

  13. I read a lot about mindfulness and started to practice it playing scoccer with my dog seeing if animals experience being in the present moment…Using mindfulness has given me inner peace and a world without babble no constant thoughts that lead to emotionally distress.. I would love to teach mindfulness.
    Kind regards

  14. You have found your niche and I love being able to support you AND I get to grow more mindful as well. Win-win

  15. Hello John, Pleae let me know when your book is available. Thank you Anne

  16. Hello John. Please let me know when your new book is available. Thanks Gord

  17. I will let you know when Mindful Actions is ready Elizabeth – Thank You

  18. Please advise me when your book is available. Thankyou. Elizabeth

  19. Will you book be available as an iBook? It sounds interesting. Thank you,

  20. Gooday Kelly – My rate is AU$100 for a one hour session. Details on my Skype page. Mindfully Yours – John

  21. Could you please tell me your rates? Also, I’m in the US. Do you ever do sessions over the Internet or phone?

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