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  1. Gooday Julie – Thank you for being such a good friend! I will send email. Mindfully Yours – John

  2. Hi John, I have a friend who would benefit greatly from your Mindfulness coaching but she’s only on Centrelink benefits and is a single mother.
    Kind regards

  3. Gooday Clint – I will send email – Mindfully Yours – John

  4. Thank you Linda! Elephant is my totem. Love & Gratitude Always! – John

  5. I tried to share a post about elephants on Facebook you might find interesting. It is the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

  6. Gooday Vivian – Please go to my ABOUT ACT page and then surf the net to find an ACT Therapist (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) or contact me. Love & Laughter Always

  7. John,

    My name is Vivian. My sister was diagnosed with bipolar disorder/schizophrenia. Ever since this diagnoses I’ve had extreme fears of going down the same road. Ive started having panic attacks and I’ve lost 20 lbs in the last month. I feel like I’m living in an unreal world. I can’t leave my house or live my life anymore! I truly believe mindfulness could help us both! Any advice or ANYTHING would be a blessing!

    Kind Regards,

    Vivian Z.

  8. Hi John, I am a returned Afghanistan vet with depression, anxiety and anger issues. I would like to try Mindfulness as part of finding my way back to being myself, a loving Husband and Father. However, I’m not sure how to start? Would you be so kind as to provide 5 minutes of your time to set me in the right direction please. I live in Hobart, Tasmania. I would be open to contacting coaches you may know in Tas. Thank you mate. Adam

  9. Love the idea of your work, I have studied mindfulness, but have difficulty using the process….this could be of great help.

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