101 Reasons to be Mindful

1. You simply feel better.

2. You experience life more fully.

3. You experience other people more fully.

4. Other people experience you more completely.

5. It’s easier to just ‘be yourself’.

6. It improves your golf swing.

7. You notice when things change, which is always.

8. You let things change instead of always holding on.

9. Smiling is easier, and you end up doing it more.

10. It relieves stress.

11. You are more confident about what to say, how to say it, and when.

12. Your senses are more clear and vivid.

13. You worry less about the future, and ruminate less on the past.

14. You feel less inclined to always ‘be in control’ and can more easily flow with situations.

15. You get more accomplished, and you feel better while your at it.

16. You spend less time managing your stress levels.

17. You expend less energy in blaming other people and the world, for your problems.

18. You spend less time managing your anger.

19. You spend less time visiting your doctor.

20. You spend less time glued to the television set and computer screen.

21. Other people like you more.

22. You like other people more.

23. When someone is different than you, you are less likely to judge and be put off by them, and more likely to be curious and interested.

24. Relaxation and quality of life become more important to you than staying on the treadmill 24/7.

25. You are less inclined to always filling the space with needless activity.

26. You are less freaked out by contradiction and uncertainty.

27. You are more comfortable with ‘letting things be’.

28. Your body starts to feel good.

29. You start to feel good.

30. You become more in tune with ‘things as they are’.

31. You are kinder with yourself and more friendly with other people.

32. Looking into someone’s eyes seems normal and you do it with greater ease and frequency.

33. You speak more clearly.

34. You feel less need to always be talking in situations when there is nothing to say.

35. You become more considerate and more aware of what is the most helpful in any given situation, for yourself, and for other people.

36. You feel less upset when people cut in front of you inline.

37. You are less inclined to experience road rage.

38. You realize that complaining is silly and a waste of time.

39. You give better hugs.

40. You write better blog posts.

41. You worry less about your google search rankings.

42. It helps you let go of bitterness and resentment.

43. You cheer up!

44. You look at people with ‘kinder eyes’

45. Jealousy is less a problem.

46. Greed haunts you less.

47. Love comes easier and with more strength.

48. It strengthens your immune system.

49. It helps you deal with loss.

50. You can better regulate your emotions.

51. You become more rational.

52. Being right becomes less important.

53. Making love is more like making love.

54. You don’t forget to water your plants.

55. You realize that the size of your wallet is actually not the meaning of life.

56. You contribute to the gross domestic openness of the planet.

57. You decide to give up being unhappy.

58. You decide to give up being unkind.

59. You decide that your life is pretty good after all, even if there may be all kinds of problems.

60. You feel more connected with yourself.

61. You feel more connected, with life, with your surroundings, and with other people.

62. It ticks you off less or not at all when people forget to be kind and considerate.

63. You need fewer supplements.

64. You become less afraid and resentful of your weaknesses.

65. You become more honest and confident about your strengths.

66. You take pleasure and pride in details, in taking care of life’s simple tasks.

67. You notice the space between things.

68. You appreciate how much goodness and magic there is in the world.

69. You feel acutely how much confusion and suffering there is in the world.

70. Life and death somehow make more sense.

71. Walking down the street you notice, Wow, that’s wonderous and beautiful.

72. You don’t shut down when reality suddenly changes and life offers you the unexpected.

73. When you stop, you can hear yourself breathe and feel yourself be.

74. Sometimes you understand life at a profound level.

75. Your heart feels lighter.

76. Your eyes sparkle and your smile shines

77. Every so often, time simply stops, and you notice how magical is this life.

78. You are more accepting of life’s inconveniences and you discriminate more clearly when to try and change them and when to let them be.

79. Your mind, and your world, tend to feel less cluttered and more spacious.

80. It becomes less compelling to obsess about your problems.

81. You tend less to harbour enemies and more likely to make new friends.

82. You remember to regularly do nice things for the people you live with.

83. You remember to smile at people you don’t know.

85. You recognize that, really, we’re all in the same boat.

86. You recognize that, despite all our problems, human society is an uplifted and worthwhile situation.

87. You are stronger and more clear when a person or situation threatens you.

88. Your sleep is more restful.

89. Your days are more satisfying.

90. It’s interesting and enjoyable just walking down the street.

91. Energy flows throughout your being with less obstruction and more ease.

92. You are less inclined to addictions.

93. You do finer work.

94. You live better.

95. You die better.

96. You sing more.

97. Grace flows through your days.

98. Ease flows through your nights.

99. You finally decide: Now is the time, now is the time to live my life fully, not in the past, not in the future, but now.

100. You know impermanence, you know joy, and you know how straightforward life can be.

101. You recognize that in fact, you have arrived.

Love & Laughter Always! – John

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wow so wow.all i can say is thank u.thank u so much.its so inspiring.

My employer has brought on a mindfulness coach, this work seems to fit with the work I am doing thru Brene Brown, Wayne Dyer and others.

Gooday Sarah – I hope to have an affordable eCourse ready by July. In the meantime, learn all you can from my website and facebook page. The first step is to start practising, the second step is to practice some more! Mindfully Yours – John

I am very interested in learning the art of mindfulness. I am a long time sufferer of anxiety, panic, and phobias and feel that this tool would help. Where can I find more information or support?

Thank you,

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