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Most people only need One session to get their mindful practice off to a flying start. The session includes a relaxing mindfulness exercise that clearly demonstrates what a mindful practice actually feels like. The exercise connects you to the present moment and clarifies what mindful awareness is all about.
I have a ‘quiet room’ where I conduct one on one sessions. If you can’t make it in person and have a comfortable chair in a quiet space, then you can connect worldwide via Skype.

One on One Session AU$100 (Concession $70) ~ Please Note: Your ninety minute session includes a copy of my book Mindful Actions. (mailed worldwide) Pay cash, bank transfer within Australia (e-mail for details) or simply click the PayPal button below. I will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a suitable time. Yours in Awareness Always! – John

One on One Session

14 thoughts on “One on One Sessions

  1. Gooday Tracey – I will send you email. – Mindfully Yours with Love , Joy & Peace Always! – John

  2. Hi John,

    I would like to do your course!

    Many thanks, Tracey de Vries

  3. Bless you John, I love how clearly you explain the basic skills of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and I really love your book, reading it is like stopping by a deep well 🙂

  4. Hello. I’m from México and i would like to take the mindfulness e-course but can you send me more info about hours? And if how can i pay you? Thanks.

  5. Thank you Suzie, I will contact you. Mindfully Yours – John

  6. Hi John I would be interested in information if you end up holding a mindfulness course in Grafton in the coming months
    Many thanks

  7. Hi John ,
    I would really love to do your mindfulness course. Please do let me the details. Stay well and blessed.

  8. I hope to have my Mindfulness course ready by October 2014. Thank you for your enquiry. Mindfully Yours – John

  9. Thank you Julie – I will be in touch – Mindfully Yours – John

  10. Hi John I would dearly love to learn your mindfulness course. It would have to be done on Skype.
    Can you email me info and costs please.
    Cheers Julie

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