What is Biohacking?
If you haven’t heard the term biohacking, you’re not alone. Biohacking is the future, and it’s development has been both rapid and recent. Biohacking will impact your life sooner or later — and maybe it already has. If you’ve taken steps to better understand your body, your DNA, and your potential, that’s biohacking. If you have pursued ways to improve your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or cellular health, that’s biohacking. And it’s so much more than that.

Biohacking: In a Nutshell
Biohacking is using science and technology to become the absolute best version of ourselves. Essentially, it’s using all of the tools we have at our disposal to improve our lives. Modern science is addressing each and every potential illness, injury, issue, inconvenience, or physical limit facing human bodies today. We are learning everything we can about our own biology, as well as finding ways to “hack” that biology.
“Hacking” has long served a negative connotation. But as you probably know, we now use “hack” to define any type of creative optimizing. For example, when we find a creative solution to an everyday problem we may call it a “life hack.” A tweak to how furniture is normally assembled from the manufacturer’s instructions is an “IKEA hack”—you get the drift. Hacking is the creative problem solving to improve one’s life, and we are turning the focus on our bodies and biology.

Biohacking: Why?
Biohacking has actually been used for centuries. Human beings are always looking to maximize their performance, from the days of hunter-gatherers to modern Olympians. It’s not just about being bigger and faster, either. It’s about whatever is important to us and our body’s functioning. Science and technology are focusing intensely on biohacking to change lives. One of my very favourite topics of focus in Biohacking is finding ways to unlock the brain’s potential. How can brain teasing puzzles, nutrition, and even sleep be combined to provide the brain with everything it needs to train up to its maximum potential?
Biohacking is the answer to the question “How can we improve lives?” We can help wounded veterans learn to walk again. We can fight the deterioration of mind and body through aging. We can protect the vulnerable and ease the strain on those who use their bodies and strength for skilled work. We can improve daily function, baseline health, productivity, appearance, and lifespan. So really the question ought to be, why not biohack?

Biohacking: Nutrition
Nutrition has been a foundation of health and medicine from the Dark Ages. And now we know so much more than the Dark Ages. Of course we all know not to overeat and to eat lots of fruits and veggies, but nutritional biohacking is so much more important than that. Biohacking nutrition means identifying deficiencies and problems, or desirable goals we wish to achieve, then creating a nutritional portfolio designed to achieve that biological outcome.
You may choose to improve your memory, promote healthy aging, boost energy, combat illnesses or disorders, or lose weight. Through biohacking you can assess your current nutrition, determine a goal, and create a plan that could include diet, supplements, fitness, and beauty products. Controlling what goes in and on your body is the simplest and most immediately applicable form of biohacking — to great effect.

Biohacking: What’s Next?
The most exciting thing about biohacking is that we have little idea of what comes next. The potential is so vast and the science is developing rapidly. We may one day live in a world with only completely healthy, able-bodied, happy people. We may be able to swear off illness and injury. We may be able to stretch the limits of what our bodies can do, beyond what we thought possible.
It’s all within the realm of biohacking, and we’re all about exploring. Exploring our own biology, exploring our own potential. What can your body do? We invite you to find out.

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